D & I teams, Brands and ERG’s are missing the opportunity to highlight efforts in diverse communities with highly visible domains. Despite the surge in companies supporting LGBT+ employees and services, very few Fortune 500 companies and brands have purchased their .LGBT domain names to highlight their efforts. Because there are no longer restrictions on who can purchase those names, many brands are now at risk of misuse and abuse; but herein lies the opportunity to both mitigate the risk and create something authentic, powerful and uniquely LGBT for your organizations and businesses.
Of related note, on February 10 the first wave of .GAY domain names were released to those companies and brands that have registered in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse. A phase for all other trademark holders will follow beginning April 6, premium pricing will apply before the public offering planned to start in May. Companies and brands looking to secure their .GAY domain names for use or protection should remain attentive to the .GAY availability schedule, and engage early.
PrideLife is the first LGBT-certified business selling domain names, with a focus on promoting domains with diversity. Currently selling .LGBT names at www.getPrideLife.LGBT, and working in partnership with community organizations across travel, commerce and media to raise the awareness of .LGBT, PrideLife will also be selling .GAY names when available. The PrideLife team is here to help with simple strategies and best use scenarios both domains.
A 30% discount will apply to .LGBT domains courtesy of the National LGBT Media Association by using code: NGMA2020.
Contact info@getPrideLife.LGBT to learn more or to receive assistance with your trademark registration.